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I have been making dolls since 2003, and is sold at online auction now.
All of dolls in Victorian Circus are made by me with various materials.
Doll’s size is from 12 to 30cm. Its body and head are made by Azone international or Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Its face is painted with some colors by various brushes, its saran hair is stitched with needle on a head, (except a head which has been already planted hair), its dress, its leather boots, its leather handbag, and its props are handmade using the original patterns which is designed by me.(but some dolls wear ready-made dresses, in a case of selling only head)

Some samples are on Victorian Circus official web site, they have been made by me in the last few years.

Moreover, the mask of Azone International’s Alvastaria series is designed by me.

All dolls for sale are informed by Instagram & twitter.
But Victorian Circus is sorry to do not receive any order from private customers.
The all dolls on my website (also Instagram) are sold out.

Thank you.

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